Technology and Objectives


GHRANTE project aims to transform slag from non-ferrous metal production into two binder type families, i.e. an alkali-OPC activated and an inorganic polymer, to be used for the synthesis of materials for next generation concrete applications. Each material is developed having in mind the specifics of an application, and this is linked with the follow-up ICON projects.


The binder technology work packages will share a generic, analytical approach by:

  1. Development of reactivity tests that will direct residues to the most appropriate binder system and eliminate time consuming standard testing methods.
  2. Quantitative analysis of the reaction mechanisms and kinetics The aim is to reach a more fundamental understanding of the reaction rate controlling parameters.
  3. Understanding of the formation of the binder microstructure and the impact of the residue on the binder microstructure.
  4. Establishment of matrices that link the residue properties, binder formulation and binder properties.

The following specific objectives have been set for the project:

  • Development of inorganic polymers and hybrid slag/OPC alkali activated cements that incorporate the target residues.
  • Production of a highly durable, low noise, low rolling resistance pavement with sufficient skid resistance in geopolymers on a cement concrete support
  • Development of a sound absorptive highway panel with satisfactory durability and resistance using geopolymer or hybrid cements.
  • Development of panels that can withstand elevated temperatures (up to 1200°C) and could be used for shielding e.g. concrete during a fire.