GHRANTE is a problem-driven basic science project inspired by the principles of Outcome-Driven Innovation. It aspires to valorize metallurgical slags by delivering innovative, i.e. fully recyclable, fire-resistant and/or noise-reducing materials. Within the current SBO project, questions relating to phenomena and processing are addressed. Going beyond the state-of-the-art, the goal is to understand the governing mechanisms, correlate them with performance and durability. This strategic knowledge and development are directly applicable in three industrial sectors:

  1. Non-ferrous metal producersby providing a clear path and the necessary tools to find added value applications for solid residues, reducing disposal problems and costs;
  2. Building material producers, including cement, concrete (products) and brick producers, that can quickly screen the feasibility of secondary resources as substitute raw material, reducing the need for virgin raw materials and allowing to develop new business cases and products;
  3. Engineered materials producers, including industries working on specialized mortars, chemical additives, oxides production and surface coating treatments.